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Hong Kong Fans for Calls for Class Action Lawsuit Against Tatler Asia in Messi Fiasco Grow

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Fans in Hong Kong are expressing their frustration and demanding answers after Lionel Messi’s appearance in a recent exhibition match in Japan, despite his absence from a similar event in their city. The controversy has prompted calls for clarity and accountability from both Tatler Asia and Inter Miami FC.

The disappointment felt by Hong Kong fans has been intensified by Messi’s involvement in the match between Vissel Kobe and Inter Miami FC. The Argentine superstar entered the game as a substitute, showcasing his remarkable skills and contributing to scoring opportunities. This starkly contrasts with the reasons given for his absence in Hong Kong, where he was said to be sidelined due to injury.

The sighting of Messi actively playing in Japan just days after his no-show in Hong Kong has left the public feeling betrayed and seeking answers. Secretary for Culture, Sports, and Tourism Kevin Yeung, along with Legislative Councillor Kenneth Fok, are among those demanding explanations from Tatler Asia and Inter Miami.

Concerns have been raised about the validity of the injury claims, especially considering Messi’s physical exertion on the Japanese field. Fok has highlighted inconsistencies between Messi’s own statements about his well-being and the official statements from team management in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, fans are contemplating legal action against Tatler Asia, hoping to initiate a class action lawsuit to seek refunds for the exhibition match. The Consumer Council has received numerous complaints about the event, totaling over HK$3.1 million. The council is currently discussing a solution with Tatler Asia, but no progress has been announced.

The lack of communication from Tatler Asia has only fueled the frustration and anger of the fans. The Hong Kong public and government officials are eagerly awaiting a response from the company, as well as from Inter Miami FC, to address the grievances and provide the accountability that the disgruntled fans deserve.