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City University Crowned ‘Most International University’ Globally in Times Higher Education Rankings

City University as the most international university

In a decisive triumph, City University has been accorded the prestigious title of “most international university” on a global scale, as revealed by the latest Times Higher Education world university rankings. This noteworthy distinction marks the sixth consecutive year that a university in Hong Kong has achieved preeminence in this category, underscoring the region’s commitment to fostering a truly global academic community.

Surpassing its impressive fourth-place ranking from the previous year, CityU has emerged triumphant over the University of Hong Kong, seizing the coveted top spot in the 2024 rankings of the world’s most international universities. This shift in dynamics within Hong Kong’s academic landscape has relegated the University of Hong Kong, which previously held the premier position, to a respectable sixth place. Notably, both the University of Science and Technology and Polytechnic University, while retaining positions within the top 10, have experienced declines in their respective rankings, details of which remain unspecified.

Furthermore, Chinese University demonstrated commendable advancement, ascending four places to secure the 13th position in this highly regarded international ranking. The University’s notable progress adds to the collective achievement of Hong Kong’s academic institutions on the global stage.

In this year’s rankings, Abu Dhabi University in the United Arab Emirates claimed the second position, while the University of Oxford in Britain secured the third spot. The assessment took into account a multitude of factors, including the proportion of international staff and students, collaborative research endeavors, and the overall international reputation of the institutions under scrutiny.

Times Higher Education rankings editor Ellie Bothwell remarked on the changing dynamics, stating, “Hong Kong is home to the world’s most international university for the sixth year in a row, but the territory’s flagship research institution has lost the crown to its cross-town rival in a shaken-up table this year.” Notably, this year’s evaluation incorporated the population of the country, a novel criterion aimed at avoiding potential biases against universities in larger nations.

CityU, responding to this distinguished recognition, emphasized its global reach, currently hosting students from more than 80 countries or regions. The institution boasts partnerships with 44 countries or regions, offering an extensive array of over 400 exchange programs, with approximately 65 percent of its undergraduate students participating in these global educational initiatives.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary since attaining university status, CityU President Freddy Boey affirmed the institution’s commitment to providing an inspirational, interactive, and innovative educational environment. He stated, “The university remains unwavering in its commitment to fostering an inspirational, interactive and innovative educational environment,” further solidifying City University’s status as a global frontrunner in higher education.