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Philippine Leche Flan ranked 3rd Best Rated CUSTARDS in the World

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Philippine leche flan was ranked as 3rd best custard in the world by TasteAtlas, issued on their website on Wednesday, 23 August.

TasteAtlas food rankings are based on the ratings of the TasteAtlas audience, with a series of mechanisms that recognize real users and that ignore bot, nationalist, or local patriotic ratings, and give additional value to the ratings of users that the system recognizes as knowledgeable. For the “10 Best Rated Custards in the World” list until August 23, 2023, 1,629 ratings were recorded, of which 1,307 were recognized by the system as legitimate.

As described in the TasteAtlas website, “Leche flan is a Filipino dessert that is essentially a caramel custard consisting of milk, sugar, and eggs, with the addition of vanilla flavoring. Traditionally, it’s oval-shaped due to the use of tin molds called llaneras. It is recommended to serve it chilled and coated with leftover caramel syrup. Leche flan is very popular at numerous Filipino celebrations and social gatherings. Originally, it was brought over to the Philippines during the Spanish colonization, so it is believed that it has origins in the regions on the border of Spain and France.”

TasteAtlas Rankings should not be seen as the final global conclusion about food. Their purpose is to promote excellent local foods, instill pride in traditional dishes, and arouse curiosity about dishes you haven’t tried.

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