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Hong Kong to Host Over 210 Mega Events in 2024, Expected to Draw Millions of Visitors

CE John Lee of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is poised to host a record number of mega events throughout the year, aiming to attract millions of visitors and generate significant economic benefits, Chief Executive John Lee announced on Tuesday.

In a press briefing ahead of the weekly Executive Council meeting, Lee detailed an ambitious calendar packed with more than 100 events scheduled for the latter half of 2024. These events will span a diverse range of interests, including arts and culture shows, sports competitions, trade exhibitions, and financial summits. Among the new additions are a performing arts expo and a fashion design week, expanding the city’s already vibrant cultural tapestry.

“The total number of mega events over the year is increased from 150 to over 210. That means there will be at least one mega event every two days,” Lee told reporters. The Chief Executive emphasized the anticipated impact, stating, “We think that these mega events will attract about 1.7 million visitors. They will bring with them about HK$7.2 billion, which is about HK$4.3 billion in economic gain.”

Hong Kong has already seen a resurgence in tourism, welcoming more than 14 million visitors in the first four months of 2024—double the number from the same period last year. This surge includes a notable increase in tourists from the United States, Canada, and Indonesia.

“We reckon that for every 1.5 million visitors, there will be a 0.1 percent growth in GDP. For long-term stay visitors, they will bring even a higher percentage point in growth of our GDP,” Lee explained, highlighting the broad economic benefits of the influx.

In a move to further bolster tourism and economic ties, Lee indicated that his administration would seek additional measures from Beijing to benefit the Special Administrative Region (SAR). These measures include raising the duty-free goods allowance for mainland tourists, a step expected to incentivize more visitors from the mainland.

As Hong Kong gears up for a year of unprecedented activity and engagement, the city’s leadership remains optimistic about the positive ripple effects on the local economy and its global standing as a premier destination for major events.