Home Migrant News 16 OFWs, infant affected by Israel-Hamas war arrive at NAIA

16 OFWs, infant affected by Israel-Hamas war arrive at NAIA

15 OFWs, infant affected by Israel-Hamas
Photo: PNA

MANILA — After weathering violence in Israel, 15 overseas Filipino workers and an infant received a heroes’ welcome upon arriving in Manila this week. Top officials from various government agencies were on hand to pledge assistance and ease the transition home.

Undersecretary Hans Leo Cacdac of the Department of Migrant Workers led the delegation greeting the returnees at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Wednesday. Honey Quino, deputy administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, assured the repatriated workers would receive 50,000 pesos in financial aid on top of transportation and accommodations.

Other supports were offered as well. The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s Aniceto Bertiz said his agency stands ready to provide new professional training, scholarships, and even 5,000 pesos and equipment to start small businesses. The Department of Health committed medical care including counseling.

Politicians also attended, among them Senator Raffy Tulfo, chair of the Senate’s migrant workers committee, signaling the issue’s prominence. The Philippine government has long sought to protect its many citizens working abroad, who face risks but also boost the economy through remittances.

After danger and disruption thousands of miles from home, officials aimed to alleviate hardship with a caring escort back and comprehensive reintegration support. For a resilient community that powers Philippine development through sacrifice overseas, it was a demonstration their nation would be there in their hour of need.

The coordinated response highlighted the country’s duty to help workers land safely when their jobs put them in harm’s way.