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Stranded Travelers in Hong Kong as Super Typhoon Saola Approaches

Stranded Travelers in Hong Kong Airport

As Super Typhoon Saola makes its way towards Hong Kong, airlines have been cancelling and delaying flights, leaving many travelers stranded in the city. The Hong Kong Observatory raised the No 9 signal on Friday evening, indicating the approach of a severe typhoon. The Airport Authority reported that at least 366 flights had been cancelled, with another 40 delayed.

Passengers at Hong Kong International Airport faced queues and uncertainty as they awaited news about their flights. However, the situation remained relatively calm and orderly, with some travelers sleeping on benches. Edwin Bekoe, a former cabin crew member from the US, praised the airport staff’s communication efforts, describing them as “perfect.” Bekoe, who had planned to take in the sights of Hong Kong, decided to leave two days early due to his past experience with chaotic flight arrangements during adverse weather.

On the other hand, Greek traveler George Kiousis faced difficulties when his flight from Seoul to Hong Kong was delayed by one hour and 20 minutes, causing him to miss his connecting flights to Doha and Athens. Kiousis and his colleagues were left to arrange their own accommodations, but with most hotels fully booked, they expected to stay in the city for up to two nights. They were also uncertain if their luggage had been flown out with them. Despite numerous calls to the airline’s hotline, they received no assistance or information from Asiana Airlines.

In another case, Kandice Chan, a corporation communication officer from Hong Kong, and her friend were awaiting their flight back from Seoul after their Friday night flight was cancelled by Korean Air. While Chan expressed her contentment with spending more time in Seoul, she expressed slight concerns about the smoothness of their journey back home. Although their families were verbally promised a Sunday morning flight, they hadn’t received written confirmation. Chan had incurred additional hotel expenses during the wait and was unsure if she could claim reimbursement.

As the travelers continue to wait for updates from the airlines, some are making the best of the situation, exploring the cities they are stranded in, while others are left grappling with the uncertainty and inconvenience caused by the flight disruptions.