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Hong Kong Government Imposes Heavy Penalties for Reckless Behavior During Extreme Weather

Reckless Behavior During Typhoon in Hong Kong, editorial

HONG KONG — In a decisive move to deter locals from engaging in dangerous activities during extreme weather conditions, the Hong Kong government announced plans to impose fines and imprisonment. Chief Secretary for Administration Eric Chan Kwok-ki made the announcement on Thursday, emphasizing the need for enhanced strategies and measures as the city braces for the upcoming typhoon season.

During a joint press conference, government officials outlined a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening forecast warnings and improving emergency and recovery measures. Chan highlighted the reckless behavior of individuals who continue to hike and chase the wind during extreme weather, criticizing them for jeopardizing not only their own lives but also those of rescue workers.

“For citizens who refuse to heed warnings, we will enforce strict actions to serve as a deterrent,” Chan stated firmly.

Supporting the Chief Secretary’s comments, Under Secretary for Security Michael Cheuk Hau-yip revealed that rescue teams had been deployed 35 times over the past three years for mountain and water search and rescue missions during extreme weather events. Cheuk announced that beaches and country parks would be closed during such conditions, with violators facing fines of HK$2,000 and 14 days of imprisonment.

In an update to public transportation protocols, the MTR trains, which traditionally ceased operations in open sections of the railway under Storm Signal No. 9, will now aim to reach final destinations or major stations connected to shopping malls or commercial areas before halting services, providing a more secure and efficient evacuation process.

Chan also detailed precautionary measures undertaken by the Drainage Services Department, which include enhancing and refining drainage infrastructure. Additionally, the Hong Kong Observatory will deliver more accurate and timely weather updates to better inform the public.

As Hong Kong prepares for the challenges of the typhoon season, the government’s stringent new policies underscore a commitment to safeguarding lives and ensuring public safety during extreme weather events.