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Hong Kong Cracks Down on Illegal Workers and Traders, 11 arrested

11 persons arrested

Hong Kong authorities conducted a series of anti-illegal worker operations last week that resulted in multiple arrests. From October 3-5, the Immigration Department and police joined forces to raid nearly 50 locations across the territory.

A total of eight suspected illegal workers and three alleged employers were arrested during the operations, which targeted industrial buildings, construction sites, and restaurants. Of those arrested, five men and one woman from mainland China between the ages of 36-53 were suspected of working illegally. Three local women aged 45-59 were also arrested on suspicion of employing the undocumented workers.

In a separate incident, police arrested two mainland Chinese women aged 37 and 53 in Sheung Shui for suspected involvement in illegal parallel trading. The women were found selling clothing and health products in violation of their visitor visas. Parallel trading, where goods are purchased in Hong Kong and re-sold in mainland China for a profit, has been a source of tensions.

An Immigration Department spokesman warned that employing or working illegally in Hong Kong carries serious penalties, including fines of up to HK$50,000 and imprisonment of up to three years. The crackdown underscores the government’s commitment to enforcing the city’s strict laws on immigration and employment.

However, some critics argue that border enforcement has not adequately addressed underlying economic factors driving illegal work. As Hong Kong grapples with pressure from the mainland, balancing security with humanitarian concerns will likely remain an ongoing challenge. Residents await signs that recent actions can effectively stem the persistent flows of undocumented persons.