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OFW’s Journey To Blood Donation

Mercy Permales
Mercy Permales, OFW blood donation advocate

I heard about the Red Cross and the Blood Bank back in the Philippines when I was in my teens, but blood donation never came to mind.
Now working in Hong Kong, I always come across this Red Cross blood donation campaign, sometimes organized by other Filipino organizations and by our very own Philippine Consulate. I was only curious about it but never got involved.
One of our members in the Taekwondo group introduced it to me when she told me that she could not attend our Sunday training because she needed to donate blood. I was amazed when she said that she donates blood regularly.
Sometimes during my rest day, while browsing the internet, the Red Cross popped into my mind, and I immediately searched for blood donations. And with curiosity and eagerness to learn about it, I read the information on the website.
On the Hong Kong Red Cross website, I learned the requirements on how to donate, the procedures, and the benefits are self-explanatory and easy to understand. I also learned that medical history and other preparatory requirements before donating blood are needed to inform the Red Cross clinic.
The Red Cross also gives information in the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQs) on their website.
Kahit binabasa ko palang sa internet, I find these requirements and procedures easy at na feel ko yung pagpapahalaga nila sa donors, kaya nagkaroon ako nang kompyansa sa sarili ko na gawin ito.
I am sharing information and my experience, especially with the first-timer. Takot dahil kulang ang kaalaman kung papaano ang gagawin sa pagdonate ng dugo.
My journey in donating blood:
I personally chose December 25th kasi Christmas at makabuluhan. Gusto will celebrate Christmas by giving and sharing my blood with those in need.I remember John 3:16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begottenson. Samantala ako dugo ko lang ipagkakait ko pa po ba sa kapwa ko?
On December 25, 2022, I walked in. Nagpasama po ako sa isang kaibigan, her name is Marilyn Anorico, kasamahan ko sa United Philippine Taekwondo.Organization. Isinama ko si coach Marilyn baka kako mahilo ako. I have donated 450 mL of my blood, and everything went well. Staff and nurses are friendly and accommodating.
When I got home, I was so excited to open the Hong Kong Red Cross site to see my personal record. While browsing and reading the information regarding post-donation, advice, and other information regarding blood donation information for self-enrichment, sa site na ito makikita din natin ang everyday inventory update of blood collection and target. Nakikita ko na very low inventory at that time, and they were encouraging more donors. Kaya na antig ang puso ko. I said to myself, I want to help, and I must do something.
I made a proposal to the United Philippine Taekwondo Organization and Lady Drivers Organization & Associates Hong Kong to plan to organize a blood donation campaign, even within the members and circle of friends. But most of the members were scared to donate. I cannot blame them because we are not used to this kind of activity. Only a few members volunteered, so we decided to post on social media so our circle of friends could read about this blood donation campaign and join us. And this is where the Len Shoot Collection came in. Len Shoot Collection is a photography group. It’s a collaboration with the United Philippine Taekwondo Organization, Lady Drivers Organization & Associates Hong Kong, and the Len Shoot Collection.
January 29, 2023, was our first successful blood donation campaign, and we are hoping for more in the future.

Since nasa Hong Kong Island lang ako, sa Causeway Bay Branch ako pumupunta para mag donate, walk-in status lang mas convenient para sa akin. Meron na po akong Red Cross Card. Nakakataba nang puso knowing na naging parte tayo nang isang makabuluhan na event.

Just sharing these informations para dagdag kaalaman din po sa ating lahat, para hindi po tayo matakot sa pag donate nang dugo in the future. Tandaan po natin sa

isang donation natin we may save at least 3 lives. Kaya wag po natin maliitin ang ating kakayahan sa pag donate. Sama sama po tayo ulit sa susunod naming Blood

Donation Campaign. We will continue this campaign hanggat sa merong gustong mag donate.

Please feel free to WhatsApp Mercy@54454595 or Mercy Permales, Facebook.

Sama sama po nating hikayatin ang ating mga kaibigan, at mga kababayan sa Hong Kong to take part in this blood donation campaign regularly for a good cause.

For more information on blood donation, you can visit the website:


Mabuhay po tayong lahat! GIVE BLOOD, SAVE LIVES

Maraming Salamat Po!

Mercy Permales

United Philippine Taekwondo Organization-HK, Chief Instructor

Lady Drivers Organuzations & Associates-HK, President