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Hong Kong Department of Health Renews Walking Challenge to Promote Active Lifestyles

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The Hong Kong Department of Health is launching the second phase of its “10,000 Steps a Day” Walking Challenge this November to further encourage residents to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines and combat non-communicable diseases.

In an announcement on Monday, the Department said the month-long challenge aims to raise awareness of the mental and physical benefits of walking and motivate families or friends to support each other in achieving a daily step goal of 10,000 steps. Individuals can now sign up online in teams of two to four members until October 31 for the challenge period next month.

Participants will use step trackers or pedometers to log their daily counts and check in regularly on the event website. Teams where each member averages at least 8,000 steps – 80% of the target – per day throughout November will receive rewards. The top 100 teams with the highest cumulative steps who meet the daily quota will earn additional prizes.

“Walking is a simple, accessible form of exercise that many of us are already doing every day without realizing its health impacts,” said a department spokesman. Regular walking can help manage weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, and reduce anxiety and depression as well as risks for chronic conditions like obesity, hypertension and diabetes, he explained.

The initiative encourages Hong Kong residents to slowly work walking into daily activities, whether commuting to work, pacing at home, or spending time with family and friends. “Any amount of walking is better than none, even if 10,000 steps isn’t achieved yet,” the spokesman stressed.

Last year’s challenge saw enthusiastic participation rates. Officials hope renewing the program will keep physical activity and social support for healthy lifestyles top of mind in the community. Residents can register a team online now at www.10000stepsaday.hk for the second phase of the “10,000 Steps a Day” Walking Challenge.