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Hong Kong Victoria Park Flower Show Returns with Angelonia as the Spotlight

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Hong Kong – The much-anticipated Hong Kong Flower Show is set to enchant visitors once again as it returns to Victoria Park for its annual showcase of vibrant blooms and breathtaking displays. Running for 10 days from March 15 to 24, the event promises to be a floral extravaganza, with the mesmerizing angelonia taking center stage as the theme flower.

Angelonia, also known as the “angel flower,” is a captivating herbaceous plant belonging to the plantain family. Native to the tropical Americas, this delicate beauty flourishes most splendidly during the seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. With its petite frame and refreshing fragrance, angelonia is a sight to behold. Its stem, adorned with an abundance of tiny flower buds, bursts into a lush and bushy array of blossoms when it reaches its full glory.

The allure of angelonia lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its captivating movement. Swaying gently in the breeze, these flowers resemble little birds joyfully hopping about, adding an extra touch of enchantment to the arrival of springtime.

Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate provides the perfect conditions for angelonia to thrive. Ranging in height from 30 to 100 centimeters, this versatile plant boasts an array of vibrant colors and exquisite spotted patterns within its corolla. Shades of pure white, pinkish red, light purple, and two-tone stripes paint a picture of nature’s artistry.

Growing angelonia is a delightfully simple endeavor. Whether potted and placed in gardens, parterres, flower pathways, or balconies, or planted directly in the ground, this resilient plant adapts effortlessly. In fact, certain varieties are frequently sought after as cut flowers, adorning flower baskets and bouquets with their elegance. Flower enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the angelonia’s presence at flower shows, where it never fails to captivate.

The Hong Kong Flower Show is not just about angelonia, though. In addition to showcasing an extensive collection of exquisite potted plants, stunning floral arrangements, and meticulously crafted landscape displays, the event will also feature participation from local, Mainland, and overseas organizations. Visitors can explore a myriad of stalls offering flowers and horticultural products, while educational and recreational activities are sure to engage visitors of all ages.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department takes pride in organizing the flower show, and this year, they have a steadfast supporter in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The trust has been the event’s major sponsor since 2014, extending its support for the 12th consecutive year.

For more information on the Hong Kong Flower Show and details regarding admission fees, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official flower show webpage at www.hkflowershow.hk/en/hkfs/2024/index.html or contact 2601 8260 for any inquiries.

Prepare to be spellbound as the Hong Kong Flower Show transports you into a world of natural beauty and floral wonder. Mark your calendars and immerse yourself in the enchantment of angelonia and the glorious celebration of “Floral Joy Around Town.”