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Chinese New Year Public Transportation Service Arrangements

Maskara at Chinese New Year Parade 2024

To ensure a seamless experience for visiting relatives and friends and engaging in celebration activities during the Chinese New Year period, several public transportations will enhance their services and extend their operating hours. The following outlines the special arrangements for major public transportation services:

MTR special train service arrangements

Friday 9 February
(Chinese New Year’s Eve)
Sunday 11 February
(2nd day of Chinese New Year)
East Rail Line
To/From Lo Wu
Service extension
Last train departure time
00:56am Admiralty to Lo Wu
2:30am Lo Wu to Admiralty
East Rail Line
To/From Lok Ma Chau
No extended service
Last train departure time
9:29pm Admiralty to Lok Ma Chau
10:55pm Lok Ma Chau to Admiralty
Local train linesService extension
Excludes the Airport Express, Disneyland Resort Line, East Rail Line between Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau and some light rail lines
No extended service
If you are using the East Rail Line service or are unable to connect to other rail lines, please plan in advance to use alternative transportation options to ensure a seamless journey

All railway services will not be extended on 10 February (Chinese New Year’s Day).

Other public transportation service arrangements

  • Citybus: Please visit the Citybus website for overnight bus service details.
  • Kowloon Motor Bus: Please visit the KMB website for overnight bus service details.
  • Ferries: In connection with the Lunar New Year Fireworks Display, Sun Ferry will make special arrangements for ferry services on 11 February (2nd day of Chinese New Year). Please click their official site for details.
  • Taxis and minibuses: Taxi and minibuses will continue to operate based on driver availability and passenger demand. Passengers are advised to allocate additional waiting time to accommodate potential delays.

Passengers are advised that traffic volume during the Chinese New Year holidays may be higher than usual, and the operating hours and frequency of public transportation may be subject to adjustments. To stay informed about the latest service arrangements, please refer to official websites, apps, or customer service hotlines.