Home Business Immigration Raid Arrest 6 Persons in Ant-Illegal Worker Operation in Tai Po

Immigration Raid Arrest 6 Persons in Ant-Illegal Worker Operation in Tai Po

Immigration Raid Arrest 6 Persons in Ant-Illegal Worker operation in Tai Po
photo: HK Government Information Service

Hong Kong immigration authorities launched a crackdown on illegal workers at a newly built public housing estate in Tai Po District on Saturday, arresting five suspected illegal workers and one alleged employer.

The Immigration Department (ImmD)Task Force officers raided premises under renovation in the housing complex. The arrested workers were men aged 34 to 47, while the suspected employer was a 51-year-old man.

In addition to the enforcement operation, immigration officers distributed leaflets warning against hiring illegal labor and drove a promotional vehicle through the estate broadcasting the same message.

“Any person violating their conditions of stay commits an offense. Visitors cannot work in Hong Kong without permission from the Immigration Director,” an ImmD spokesman stated. “Offenders face up to $50,000 HKD in fines and two years in prison.”

The spokesman also cautioned that illegal immigrants, overstayers, and those refused entry are prohibited from any employment under threat of $50,000 HKD fines and three years’ imprisonment.

Employers caught hiring illegal workers now face significantly harsher penalties of up to $500,000 HKD in fines and 10 years in jail, reflecting the gravity of such offenses. Company directors and partners can also be criminally liable.

Hong Kong courts have issued sentencing guidelines mandating jail time for employers of illegal labor, underscoring requirements to verify a worker’s legal status prior to hiring by inspecting identity documents and travel papers.

“The Immigration Department will continue stringent enforcement against these offenses,” the spokesman warned employers. “Do not defy the law by hiring illegal workers.”

As part of screening procedures, authorities will assess any arrested illegal workers, immigrants, sex workers or domestic helpers for indicators of human trafficking. Identified victims will receive support services and urgent assistance. Authorities urged trafficking victims to immediately report such crimes.