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Hong Kong Rugby Team Beats Rival Japan in Melrose Claymores Competition

Hong Kong Rugby Team Beats Rival Japan in Melrose Claymores Competition

HONG KONG — In a thrilling display of athleticism and determination, Hong Kong’s men’s rugby sevens team secured a resounding victory over regional rivals Japan to claim the inaugural Melrose Claymores title at the Hong Kong Sevens on Sunday. However, the women’s team faced disappointment as they were defeated by a formidable Chinese side in their final bout.

After suffering a defeat against their Japanese counterparts the previous day, Hong Kong’s sevens representatives were determined to turn the tables. The team made strategic adjustments to their lineup, which significantly enhanced their overall organization and performance.

From the opening whistle, Hong Kong showcased their intent to dominate the game. Bryn Phillips ignited the scoreboard with an impressive try during the first half. Building on this momentum, Fong Kit-Fung swiftly added two more tries, widening the gap to a commanding 15-0 lead. The first half concluded with Hong Kong successfully shutting out their Japanese rivals.

The Hong Kong side maintained their attacking prowess as the second half commenced. Hugo Stiles effortlessly scored another try, extending the team’s advantage to a formidable 22-0. However, Japan refused to surrender and fought back valiantly. Kippei Taninaka’s brace of tries narrowed the deficit to 22-12, injecting a sense of suspense into the match.

Yet, the Japanese representatives’ resurgence came too late. Hong Kong’s sevens team demonstrated exceptional skill and composure, bidding farewell to the Hong Kong Stadium with a well-deserved victory in the Melrose Claymores Competition.

As a testament to their triumph, the Hong Kong side was awarded one of the most unique prizes in the realm of sports—a trophy fashioned in the shape of a Scottish claymore sword. This symbolic representation of their success will undoubtedly hold a cherished place in the team’s history.

Regrettably, the women’s Melrose competition painted a different picture as the Chinese team exacted revenge on the host nation with a final score of 24-10. Despite the defeat, the Hong Kong women’s team exhibited great tenacity and fought valiantly throughout the tournament.

The occasion was also bittersweet for Hong Kong rugby stalwart Salom Yiu Kam-shing, a back-to-back Asian Games gold medalist. Yiu, who officially announced his retirement after the match, was overcome with emotion as he bid farewell to the sport that has been an integral part of his life. Expressing gratitude to the coach for granting him a few final minutes on the field, Yiu admitted that he would dearly miss competing in the sport and the electric atmosphere of the Hong Kong Stadium. Reflecting on his multiple previous retirement announcements, Yiu humbly apologized for any confusion caused by his fluctuating decisions.

The Melrose Claymores tournament not only showcased the exceptional skill and resilience of Hong Kong’s rugby sevens teams but also highlighted the unwavering spirit and passion for the sport within the region. As the final whistle echoed through the Hong Kong Stadium, fans and players alike celebrated the remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipated future battles on the rugby sevens stage.