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Filipino Women Artists Showcase Talent and Resilience at “Mujeres Del Artes 6” Exhibit

Filipino Women Artists Showcase Talent and Resilience

MANILA – In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), a captivating art exhibit was launched on Friday, highlighting the extraordinary talent and unwavering resilience of Filipino women artists. Artipolo, a collective of artists from Antipolo City, Rizal, proudly presented the exhibition, “Mujeres Del Artes 6,” at the prestigious Chef Jessie Rockwell Club in Makati City.

Aligned with the IWD 2024 theme of “Investing in Women: Accelerating Progress” and this year’s campaign theme of “Inspire Inclusion,” the event chairperson, Chrisellie Guzik, expressed her enthusiasm for the exhibit’s sixth installment. She emphasized its mission to provide a platform for women artists to express their creativity and share their unique perspectives.

Guzik stated, “When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world.” The exhibit’s goal is to contribute to this vision by showcasing the exceptional artworks created by talented Filipino women artists.

Among the esteemed guests of honor was Kristine Evangelista, a former Agriculture Assistant Secretary, who stressed the importance of empowering women artists and nurturing their creative and world-class talents. Evangelista seized the opportunity to celebrate the talent of Filipina artists, declaring, “This is a good opportunity to showcase the talent of the Filipina, and I think we are always world-class.”

She also emphasized that the exhibit is not merely a display of art, but a reflection of the diverse experiences of Filipino women. “The display that I see, the exhibit right now, is the best way to show what we’ve been through and all the experiences of the women because I think it is a reflection of the heart,” Evangelista added. Her hope is that initiatives like this will create more opportunities for women artists to flourish.

The emotional investment of women artists was highlighted by Jennifer Lee-Bonto, executive director of the Artists’ Welfare Project. Lee-Bonto acknowledged the exceptional ability of women artists to balance their creative pursuits with motherhood. “Each time a woman artist presents her work, that work is her heart. She creates with her heart,” she explained.

Lee-Bonto also emphasized the importance of championing the rights and welfare of artists across all genres.

The “Mujeres Del Artes 6” exhibit will captivate art enthusiasts until March 30. It stands as a testament to the immense talent, resilience, and diverse experiences of Filipino women artists, and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of investing in and inspiring inclusion for women around the world.