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DMW Shuts Down Illegal Recruitment Agency Preying on Filipino Workers

DMW Shuts Down Illegal Recruitment Agency Preying on Filipino Workers

Quezon City, March 18, 2024 – In a decisive move to combat illegal recruitment and human trafficking, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has successfully closed down Tranvia Travel Agency, a Quezon City-based firm engaged in fraudulent practices. The agency had been illicitly recruiting Filipino workers for non-existent jobs in Poland, exploiting the dreams and aspirations of those seeking employment opportunities abroad.

Late afternoon on March 18, the DMW’s Migrant Workers Protection Bureau (MWPB), in collaboration with the Quezon City police, took swift action by padlocking the office of Tranvia Travel Agency situated on P. Tuazon Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City. This operation was made possible thanks to the vigilance of the Filipino community in Poland, who alerted the DMW’s Migrant Workers Office in Prague (MWO-Prague) about the agency’s illicit activities.

Hans Leo J. Cacdac, the Officer-in-Charge of DMW, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We would like to recognize the efforts of our Filipino community in Poland, which called the attention of our Migrant Workers Office in Prague (MWO-Prague) to investigate these illegal recruitment activities. Without their help, we would not have thwarted Tranvia Travel’s illegal activities.”

MWO-Prague, which has jurisdiction over Poland, discovered that Tranvia Travel had been exploiting social media platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp, to lure unsuspecting applicants. Shockingly, the agency was operating without the necessary license or authority from the DMW, raising serious concerns about its legitimacy.

The modus operandi employed by Tranvia Travel involved offering enticing job opportunities as warehousemen, factory workers, and nurses in Poland. Prospective applicants were promised monthly salaries ranging from Php80,000 to Php100,000, appealing to the aspirations of many seeking better economic prospects.

However, further investigations conducted by the MWPB revealed the agency’s true nature. Tranvia Travel was found to be charging exorbitant processing fees, ranging from Php200,000 to Php350,000, from hopeful applicants. These fees, which were non-refundable, could be paid as a one-time lump sum or on a staggered basis, payable in three installments. Such exploitative practices added insult to injury for those desperate for overseas employment opportunities.

The officers and personnel of Tranvia Travel Agency will now face severe charges of illegal recruitment. Moreover, they will be included in the DMW’s “List of Persons and Establishments with Derogatory Record” and subsequently blacklisted from participating in the government’s overseas recruitment program. These stringent measures reflect the gravity of their offenses and serve as a deterrent to those who seek to profit from the vulnerability of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and aspiring applicants.

This closure operation marks the fourth successful crackdown by the DMW on illegal recruiters preying on OFWs and individuals aspiring to work abroad. The DMW remains resolute in its mission to protect Filipino workers and ensure their rights and welfare are safeguarded throughout their journey overseas.

The DMW urges all individuals who have fallen victim to Tranvia Travel Agency’s illegal recruitment activities to come forward and contact the MWPB. By doing so, they can contribute to the filing of cases against the agency, thereby bringing justice to those affected. The MWPB can be reached through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dmwairtip or via email at mwpb@dmw.gov.ph.

The closure of Tranvia Travel Agency serves as a stark reminder that the DMW remains steadfast in its commitment to tackle illegal recruitment and human trafficking. Through collaborative efforts and the vigilance of communities, the department strives to create a safer and more secure environment for Filipino workers seeking employment opportunities abroad.