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AMCB Commemorates International Migrants Day

AMCB Dec 10 protest

Press Release – HK migrants call for inclusion and expect genuine services and protection in 2024.In commemoration of International Migrants Day, the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body-IMA-HKgathered at Victoria Park with hundreds of its members, solidarity friends, and advocates to expresstheir determination to fight against modern-day slavery, exclusion, and discrimination as expressedthrough “job-hopping” and the long-standing two-week rule and other related policies. AMCB-IMAalso raised their dismay at the continuing neglect and abandonment of migrants by the two governments.domestic workers.

Despite the migrant domestic workers’ economic contribution to both sending and receiving countries,the exploitation continues because of oppressive and discriminatory policies such as low wages,long working hours, unsafe working conditions, no proper food and accommodations, and many more.Even worse is the criminalization of MDWs by falsely accusing them of being “job-hoppers,” if the workersterminate the contract because they can’t bear the situation in our workplace.

Migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong are part of society, and we sustain the families and the economy ofHK; we must be treated like any other worker in HK. MDWs and our allies will continue to fightThe governments hear us and address our demand to end modern-day slavery and the commercialization ofmigrant workers by complying with ILO C189. Abuses at work must also be stopped, as defined in the C-190.

Finally, we also call out the respective governments’ labor export programs. They should be creatingjobs back home with a living wage so that we are not forced to work abroad to support our family.

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