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DMW Closed Down Consultancy Firm Illegally Recruiting For Jobs in Germany

DMW Closed Down Consultancy Firm Illegally Recruiting For Jobs in Germany

Manila, Philippines – In a resolute effort to combat illegal recruitment and protect the rights of Filipino job seekers, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) has successfully shut down another unscrupulous consultancy firm. The firm, Gisgerman Document Facilitation Services (GIS Manila), allegedly duped aspiring Filipino workers by promising lucrative employment opportunities in Germany. This recent crackdown highlights the DMW’s commitment to safeguarding the dreams and aspirations of Filipino migrant workers.

Under the leadership of Officer-in-Charge Hans Leo Cacdac, DMW joined forces with the Migrant Workers Protection Bureau (MWPB) and the Manila City Police to take decisive action against GIS Manila. The office premises, located on the 2nd Floor of Alcantara Building in Malate, Manila, were promptly padlocked, effectively putting an end to the firm’s illicit operations.

Operating without the necessary license from the DMW, GIS Manila enticed job seekers with the allure of positions as hotel workers, caregivers, and nurses in Germany. However, these prospects came at a steep cost. The consultancy firm demanded a staggering fee of Php 102,000 for a series of language trainings, with an initial enrollment fee of Php 5,000. Subsequently, upon completion of the language training, GIS Manila would allegedly refer the applicants directly to German employers, charging an additional fee of Php 99,000 for the processing of supposed overseas employment.

Speaking on the matter, Officer-in-Charge Hans Leo Cacdac expressed a staunch commitment to protecting Filipino job seekers from unscrupulous individuals and companies. “We will never tolerate any individuals or companies preying on the hope of Filipinos wanting to land a decent job abroad,” he emphasized. Cacdac urged aspiring migrant workers to exercise caution and consult the DMW’s official website (www.dmw.gov.ph) for a list of licensed agencies and approved job orders, thereby avoiding falling victim to illegal recruitment schemes.

The closure of GIS Manila has led to the inclusion of the consultancy firm and its officers in the DMW’s “List of Persons and Establishments with Derogatory Record.” This measure aims to prevent their participation in the government’s overseas recruitment program, further safeguarding the interests of Filipino job seekers.

Moreover, the individuals involved in GIS Manila’s illegal recruitment activities will face charges of illegal recruitment committed by a syndicate. If found guilty, they could be sentenced to life imprisonment and fined between Php 2,000,000 to Php 5,000,000, underscoring the gravity of their actions.

The DMW is urging victims of GIS Manila to come forward and report their cases to the Migrant Workers Protection Bureau. They can reach out to the bureau through their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/dmwairtip) or via email at mwpb@dmw.gov.ph. By doing so, affected individuals will play a crucial role in bringing the consultancy firm to justice and preventing further exploitation of vulnerable job seekers.