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Employers Urged to Prioritize Worker Safety During Cold Weather Warning


Hong Kong — In the midst of the prevailing Cold Weather Warning, the Labour Department issues a crucial reminder to employers, urging the implementation of essential measures to safeguard the well-being of their workforce.

As the Cold Weather Warning remains in effect, employers are advised to exercise prudence by ensuring that employees engaged in outdoor or remote work wear suitable and warm attire. Moreover, employers are encouraged to facilitate the rotation of employees between outdoor and indoor or sheltered work sites whenever feasible.

Mindful of the potential health risks associated with exposure to severe cold, employees are implored to stay abreast of weather updates, donning appropriate warm clothing. It is imperative that they remain vigilant about their health conditions, promptly notifying supervisors and seeking immediate medical assistance if any signs of distress, such as cold limbs and body shivering, manifest.

This advisory, broadcasted through radio and TV stations at regular intervals, underscores the shared responsibility of employers and employees alike in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment during adverse weather conditions. The Labour Department emphasizes the paramount importance of proactive measures to mitigate the impact of the Cold Weather Warning on the workforce.