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Cheung Chau Bun Fest Gets Sunny Celebrations, Then Rainy Days Ahead for Hong Kong

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HONG KONG – The holiday crowds flocking to the quaint island of Cheung Chau for Wednesday’s famous Bun Festival can leave their umbrellas at home, but will want to pack them for the coming days, Hong Kong’s weather authorities warned Tuesday.

The Hong Kong Observatory forecasts sunny skies and comfortable temperatures from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius (73 to 82 Fahrenheit) on Wednesday, allowing ideal conditions for the colorful celebrations and frenzied bun-scrambling that mark the island’s iconic annual event.

But the dry easterly airflow bringing clear weather will give way to an approaching southerly airstream over the weekend, ushering in a rainy pattern expected to last through early next week.

“We’re looking at five consecutive days of showers and thunderstorms beginning Saturday,” said Observatory scientific officer Tsang Wai-yin. “The unstable weather will likely linger until at least next Tuesday.”

Hong Kongers may get one last reprieve of sunshine on Friday before the wet conditions set in. But for those crossing the border, authorities urged caution as early rain is already on tap for parts of neighboring Guangdong Province.

The city of Shenzhen should brace for heavy rain and potential convective storms by Thursday, just two days after the downpours there finally let up, Tsang said.

While brief showers often blanket the region in May, extended rainy periods can heighten risks of flooding and landslides, particularly after dry spells that leave soil unstable.

Forecasters will be closely monitoring whether this soggy pattern develops into a more severe plum rain season, which has brought dangerous deluges to southern China in past years.

For now, Hong Kongers can enjoy Wednesday’s Bun Festival celebrations without worrying about the elements. Just be sure to keep those umbrellas handy for the wet days ahead.