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Brave Neighbours Saves Filipino Domestic Helper from Raging Fire in Tuen Mun

Neighbours save Filipino domestic helper
Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun (Google Map)

HONG KONG – A terrifying fire broke out yesterday at Oi Tak House in Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun, leaving devastation in its wake. The incident took a distressing turn as a Filipino domestic helper, trapped inside the burning unit, desperately called for help but refused to leave in a state of panic. It was the quick thinking and bravery of a resident, Mrs. Chan, that ultimately saved her life.

The fire originated on the 20th floor of the building, where a couple, their daughter, and the domestic helper resided. However, at the time of the incident, only the domestic helper was present in the unit. Mrs. Chan, who heard the helper’s frantic screams, rushed to the scene, fearing that she had fallen. To her horror, she discovered the domestic helper sitting amidst the flames, screaming for dear life.

“Don’t stay inside! Come out quickly!” Mrs. Chan pleaded with the helper, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. It remains uncertain whether the helper was paralyzed by fear or reluctant to abandon her belongings. Realizing that she couldn’t single-handedly rescue the trapped woman, Mrs. Chan swiftly sought assistance from a male neighbor, Mr. Chu.

Together, Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chu managed to pull the domestic helper to safety just moments before the fire consumed the entire unit, reducing it to ashes. Despite her rescue, the traumatized helper remained visibly distraught, squatting in the corridor and shedding tears of distress.

Firefighters arrived promptly at the scene to provide further assistance and investigate the cause of the blaze. Some neighbors speculate that the fire may have originated from cooking activities, though an official determination has yet to be made.

This harrowing incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of disasters and the courage displayed by ordinary individuals in times of crisis. Mrs. Chan’s selfless act of heroism has undoubtedly saved a life.