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Taiwan mulls visa extension for Filipino tourists till 2025


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is currently studying the possibility of extending visa-free entry with a duration of 14 days until the year 2025 for Filipino tourists, allowing them to stay in Taiwan without a visa, a report from GMA News said.

Taiwan is a popular destination for foreign tourists, including Filipinos.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is expected to welcome approximately 6 million foreign tourists, as well as a target of 225,000 Filipino tourists, before the end of this year.

“But I think we will just have to evaluate the possibility of extending the 14-day visa-free stay, and I think the most important thing is to welcome all the Philippine visitors to come to Taiwan,” said Emily Huang, Deputy Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in English during the Philippine media delegation’s visit to Taiwan.

To further encourage Filipino tourists to visit Taiwan, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will hold a raffle where 5,000 New Taiwan Dollars, equivalent to about P9,000 shopping vouchers will be given to lucky tourists who will visit Taiwan.

Interested individuals only need to register on Taiwan’s Lucky Land website seven days before their trip. 

Upon arrival at the Taiwan airport, their names will be checked to see if they have been selected in the daily raffle.

The Philippine government, through the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) in Taipei, is also trying to encourage Taiwanese citizens to visit the country.

One of the activities promoted by MECO in Taiwan is “golf tourism.”

MECO Chairman Silvestre Bello said playing golf in Taiwan is expensive compared to the Philippines.

Through “Golf Tourism,” Taiwanese tourists can likewise save money and have the opportunity to enjoy touring the country.

“Taiwanese people’s interest in golf is increasing, so we’re capturing that,” Bello said. (News Report by Marlon Luistro)