Home Food Popular Shenzhen-based barbeque chain opens in Hong Kong

Popular Shenzhen-based barbeque chain opens in Hong Kong

Popular Shenzhen-based barbeque chain opens in Hong Kong

HONG KONG – A popular Chinese barbeque chain is setting its sights on the global stage, starting with an expansion into Hong Kong.

MuWu BBQ, a Shenzhen-based restaurant group, has officially opened its debut store in the bustling Mongkok neighborhood on Monday, April 15th. The company also plans to open a second location in the Western District as soon as next month.

The move represents MuWu’s ambition to grow its brand internationally, with Hong Kong serving as a strategic launching pad.

“Hong Kong has a wide range of cuisine from all over the world, and barbecue is the most basic and common cooking method,” said the company’s Hong Kong representative, Chen Huijun. “Our stores in Shenzhen have been well received by Hong Kong customers, and they love our food and service. We decided to open new stores here so more people can try our best barbecue and craft beer.”

Established in 2003, MuWu BBQ has found major success in mainland China, opening over 400 locations across 20 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The affordable barbecue and skewer eatery is particularly popular with Hong Kong visitors to Shenzhen.

Now, the company is setting its sights beyond China’s borders, with Hong Kong as a crucial first step.

“This shows not only the company’s confidence in the city’s vibrant food and beverage industry, but also its commitment to expanding globally via Hong Kong,” said Jimmy Chiang, the Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion for InvestHK, which welcomed MuWu’s expansion.

Chiang cited Hong Kong’s simple, low, and transparent tax system as an attractive draw for the company, adding that the city can serve as a “springboard” for MuWu to take its brand to the international stage.

For Chen, the decision to enter the Hong Kong market was a strategic one, aimed at “accumulating international experience and assets” while using the city as a base to “nurture international talent.”

As MuWu sets its sights on global growth, Hong Kong appears poised to play a key role in the company’s ambitious plans.