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Hong Kong Tourism Board Unveils Mesmerizing Drone Show to Mark Cultural Festivals

Drones and ice cream draw visitors to Wan Chai show - RTHK
photo courtesy of RTHK

Thousands of locals and visitors flocked to the bustling waterfront to witness the mesmerizing 10-minute performance, which celebrated the upcoming Buddha’s Birthday and the iconic Cheung Chau Bun Festival.

Approximately 1,000 drones soared up to 60 meters into the night sky, captivating the crowd with their synchronized maneuvers. The highlight of the show was a giant 30-meter wide “peaceful bun” formation, paying homage to the famous bun-scrambling competition that takes place on Cheung Chau island each year.

“It was an incredible sight to behold,” said Wong Mei-ling, a Hong Kong resident who attended the event. “The drones moved in such perfect harmony, creating these beautiful shapes that really captured the spirit of our cultural festivals.”

In addition to the giant bun, the drones also formed patterns resembling lions and temples, symbols commonly associated with good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Spectators were further delighted by free ice cream handouts at the nearby Wan Chai Ferry Pier, adding to the festive atmosphere.

The drone show is the first in a series organized by the Tourism Board to attract both locals and visitors to Hong Kong’s vibrant cultural celebrations. With its mesmerizing aerial displays and engaging festival-themed elements, the event offered a unique and cutting-edge addition to the city’s long-standing holiday traditions.

“This drone show is a fantastic way to showcase Hong Kong’s creativity and technological prowess while also celebrating our rich cultural heritage,” said Tourism Board chairman Ng Kin-wah. “We’re thrilled to see the public embrace this new form of entertainment and look forward to more impressive displays in the future.”