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From Tradition to Innovation: The Dual Exhibition in Celebration of Philippine Independence

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In a landmark celebration of artistic talent, Galleria Camaya has orchestrated a double exhibition of groundbreaking significance. The group exhibition, “Visual Narratives of Overseas Filipino Artists,” features the vibrant talents of Hong Kong-based Filipino artists, while the “Calado Legacy” exhibition—a poignant mother-and-daughter show—serves as the opening salvo for the 126th anniversary of Philippine Independence.

At the heart of this extraordinary event stands the Grande Dame of Philippine traditional art, Araceli Limcaco Dans. Her prolific career, marked by over 100 exhibits both locally and internationally, speaks volumes of her dedication and talent. 

Mrs. Dans, widely regarded as one of the Philippines’ premier watercolor artists and a proponent of intricate calado painting, passed away on May 18 at the age of 93. “Her passing was a significant loss to the Philippine art scene,” said Abigail Hills of Galleria Camaya, which organized the exhibit with the support of the Philippine Consulate General and the Philippine Association of Hong Kong. Hills honored Dans for her dedication and lifelong commitment to her art, noting that she began painting portraits at the age of 8 and maintained a disciplined practice of painting for 12 hours daily until Alzheimer’s disease slowed her down.

Hills also highlighted Dans’ commitment to various social causes, especially those affecting the poor, the unborn, and those working abroad. Fortunately, Marcy Dans Lee has continued her mother’s legacy in calado painting. Despite initial hesitation, she has agreed to participate in the ongoing mother-daughter exhibit in Hong Kong.

The main group exhibition, “Visual Narratives,”  showcases outstanding works by Hong Kong-based artists from diverse backgrounds and professions, including migrant domestic workers from the group “Guhit Kulay,” led by Cris Cayat and Marilyn Lopez featuring artists Maria Christina Anire, Angie Brotamonte, Hermelin Esmalla, Jonalyn Macalalad Molina, Len Madriaga, and Lorelito Eludo. Pioneering Filipino artists  Jun Cambel, Manuel Rubio, Martin Megino, Corazon Amaya Canete and award-winning artist Rodolfo Canete as well as members of the Pintura Circle, such as Stella Schapero, Grace Pineda-Camacho, Joyce Wong, Janeth Weil, and Ms. Gail Hills herself, also contribute to the exhibition.

Artists from the Philippines, Lei Manto and Bal Cambel, share their outstanding works, while former Hong Kong OFW turned professional photojournalist Xyza Cruz Bacani, and young Filipinos born and raised in the city, add further depth to the collection.

The ceremonial ribbon for the exhibit’s opening was cut by Vice Consul Alan Revote, PAHK chairperson Scylla Kwong, The SUN editor Daisy CL Mandap, and Edwina Antonio of Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, which will benefit from a portion of the show’s proceeds.

The grand opening cocktails on June 5 marked the commencement of this extraordinary dual event, where distinguished guests and art aficionados mingled with palpable excitement. The exhibition, open until June 10, offers art enthusiasts and curious spectators ample time to immerse themselves in the beauty and depth of the Hong Kong-based artists’ works.

This exhibition is a testament to the power of art to bring people together and transcend cultural boundaries. It is a celebration of the Filipino spirit, which has long been a driving force in shaping the landscape of cultural diversity and harmony in Hong Kong.

The “Visual Narratives From Overseas Filipino Artists” exhibition was organized by Galleria Camaya in cooperation with the Philippine Association in Hong Kong (PAHK) and the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong. The biggest TV network in the Philippines, GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV and GMA News TV are proud media partners of the exhibition. Part of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to a migrant worker shelter home in Hong Kong.

Additional Information:

Visual Narratives From Overseas Filipino Artists

Exhibition will be on view everyday from 10 to 9pm
up to 1 pm on 10 June 2024

Opening Cocktails, 5 June 2024 6pm
at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
5th Floor, Exhibition Hall
7A Kennedy Road, Midlevels, Hong Kong