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Vibrant Showcase of Asian Cultures at Hong Kong’s Asian Ethnic Cultural Festival

Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances

HONG KONG – A vibrant showcase of traditional dances, music and crafts from over 20 Asian countries and regions will take center stage at Hong Kong’s Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances on November 12. Part of the city’s inaugural Asia+ Festival aimed at celebrating the continent’s cultural diversity, the free event allows the public to appreciate different cultural facets of Asian ethnicities.

Held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza and Foyer, the 5-hour event features an exciting lineup of folk dances from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Audiences can also experience rarely seen musical instrument performances like the Kazakhstan dombra and Mongolian horse fiddle. For hands-on fun, families can join workshops to make Sri Lankan drums and Korean fragrant sachets.

Adding to the cultural experience is the “Charm of Hues – National Costume and Headdress Exhibition” from November 12-19. Showcasing festive attire from various parts of Asia, highlights include Vietnamese hats, Cambodian headdresses, Emirati and Qatari traditional outfits as well as dance costumes from India, Nepal and Japan.

Those unable to attend can still appreciate the diverse Asian cultures through an online program on November 26, recapping highlights on the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s website (www.cpo.gov.hk/activity/en-aecp-2023-carnival/).

With 23 participating countries and places, including local stars Hong Kong and Macao, the Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances promises an enlightening experience for people of all ages to embrace Asia’s rich traditions and heritage. As Kevin Yeung, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, aptly states, the event will showcase “the extraordinary charm of diverse cultural traditions in Hong Kong.” More details of the Asia+ Festival can be found here: www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/asiaplus/index.html.