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Scorching Heat Grips Hong Kong as Subtropical Ridge Persists

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The Hong Kong Observatory issued a Very Hot Weather Warning early today morning as searing temperatures continue to scorch the region.

The subtropical ridge, a high-pressure system bringing generally fine weather to southeastern China, is responsible for the relentless heat. According to the latest weather forecast, residents can expect sunny periods and isolated showers, but the temperatures are expected to reach around 34°C (93°F) in urban areas and potentially climb a few degrees higher in the New Territories.

“This is brutally hot weather, even for Hong Kong’s standards,” said Meteorologist Lam Chiu-ying. “The subtropical ridge is firmly in place and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.”

Moderate east to southeasterly winds are expected to provide some relief, but the next few days are anticipated to remain persistently very hot. Parts of the New Territories could see temperatures soar as high as 35°C (95°F).

While the weather is expected to remain mainly fine, isolated showers are possible. However, as the weekend approaches, forecasters predict more widespread showers extending into early next week.

“The heat is really taking a toll on everyone,” said Hong Kong resident Emily Wong. “I’m trying to stay indoors as much as possible and drink lots of water. It’s just miserable out there.”

The subtropical ridge is expected to maintain its influence over southeastern China in the coming days, resulting in generally fine but sweltering conditions. However, a southwesterly airstream is predicted to bring showers and thunderstorms to the Guangdong coast during the weekend and early next week.

By midweek next week, the subtropical ridge is forecasted to once again cover southeastern China, potentially bringing another prolonged spell of scorching heat to the region.