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No More Unpacking at Hong Kong Airport: New Scanners Promise Faster Security

New luggage scanning system at HK airport

Travelers passing through Hong Kong International Airport will soon experience a streamlined security process, as the airport authority introduces a new system aimed at reducing wait times and improving efficiency.

Starting next Tuesday, passengers will no longer be required to unpack liquids and electronic devices from their carry-on luggage for security screening. The Airport Authority Hong Kong announced Wednesday that this change will shorten the security scanning time from 15 seconds to just 10 seconds per passenger, while also increasing the amount of carry-on bags processed by 20 percent.

To facilitate the new procedures, the airport will be installing 32 full-body scanners that utilize advanced imaging technology. These will replace the current security officers using handheld metal detectors.

“This is an important step forward in enhancing the passenger experience at Hong Kong International Airport,” said the Airport Authority’s Chief Executive, Fred Lam. “By streamlining the security process, we can get travelers on their way faster while maintaining the highest standards of safety and security.”

The new system will be trialed at four security checkpoints within Terminal 1, with plans to roll it out across the entire terminal by the end of this year. Airport officials are confident the changes will help manage the surge of travelers expected in the coming years, as Hong Kong continues to cement its status as a leading global aviation hub.

“Efficiency and convenience are key priorities as we work to future-proof our airport infrastructure,” Lam added. “This trial is just the beginning as we explore innovative ways to improve the passenger journey.”