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MTR Corp Rolls Out First Electric Bus

MTR's first electric bus

MTR Corporation unveiled its first electric bus on Saturday, marking a significant milestone in the city’s push toward sustainable transportation. The electric bus commenced its journey on route K54, connecting Wo Ting Estate, Sin Hong station, and Tuen Mun Town Center, drawing an enthusiastic crowd that gathered as early as 5 a.m., despite the first departure being scheduled for noon.

The new electric bus, celebrated for its eco-friendly design, reduces carbon emissions by over 60 percent and operates more quietly compared to traditional diesel buses. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride with spacious seats and a thoughtfully designed interior, according to MTR Corp.

Equipped with an energy regenerative braking system, the bus converts kinetic energy into electrical energy during braking, feeding this energy back to power onboard facilities and enhancing overall battery performance. The electric motor’s efficiency, particularly during idle periods, makes it ideal for feeder bus routes that require frequent stops for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs.

As the launch time approached, over 100 fans eagerly gathered outside Siu Hong station. Among them was Ching, a male student, who expressed his excitement, saying he anticipated a quiet ride with excellent air conditioning. “The bus is a new energy vehicle and the MTR’s first electric bus,” he remarked.

Another attendee, Lam, shared his enthusiasm, recalling how he missed the debut ride of KMB’s first electric bus. “I came this time because this is the MTR’s first electric bus,” he said.

The MTR Corp highlighted that the project received funding from the New Energy Transport Fund of the Environment and Ecological Bureau, enabling the purchase of the electric bus and the installation of necessary charging facilities.

“With the first electric bus commencing service today, the corporation will further expand the electric bus fleet to gradually replace traditional diesel buses,” the MTR spokesperson stated. The plan aims to introduce at least 30 electric buses by the end of 2026, alongside increased charging infrastructure.

This launch signifies a pivotal step in Hong Kong’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable urban mobility. The MTR Corp’s initiative aligns with broader environmental goals, paving the way for a greener future in public transportation.