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Inflatable Wonders Exhibition Sparks Controversy, Organizer Vows Show Will Go On

Inflatable Wonders Exhibition

The organizers of the “Inflatable Wonders” exhibition in Central are standing firm in their decision to move forward with the show, despite criticism from the public and even the original AI artist whose concepts inspired the large-scale installations.

The exhibition, which opened last Friday at the Central Harbourfront Event Space, features five towering white inflatable structures modeled after iconic world landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, and Stonehenge. The pieces, ranging up to 13 meters in height, were created using innovative generative AI technology inspired by the renowned Armenian AI artist Joann.

However, the unconventional art installations have drawn the ire of some observers, who have dismissed them as “inflatable graveyards” rather than wonders of the world. The controversy only intensified when Joann herself publicly stated on Saturday that she would “love it [the exhibition] to be stopped.”

Joann expressed disappointment with the proportions of the inflatable structures, and accused the organizers of failing to seek her permission before moving forward with the show.

“The only thing is, I don’t like my name on this ugly exhibition,” Joann told reporters. “But the concept is mine. So I would love it to be stopped.”

Despite Joann’s vocal objections, the exhibition’s organizer, Central Venue Management (CVM), is adamant that the show will go on as planned, running until August 11th. CVM maintains that Joann was well-informed about the exhibition and had even expressed enthusiasm for the project in prior communications.

“We received emails from the artist stating she was ‘thrilled that the project has been approved and is moving forward smoothly,'” a CVM spokesperson said. “There seems to be some misunderstanding after the media showed poorly taken photos to the artist.”

The organizer also noted that the exhibition has been a hit with the public, drawing over 6,000 visitors in its first two days.

While the controversy surrounding the “Inflatable Wonders” show continues to swirl, the organizers appear resolute in their commitment to showcasing these unique, AI-inspired artworks to the people of Hong Kong.