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Hong Kong to Invalidate Old Smart Identity Cards in 2025

Old Hong Kong ID
Image courtesy of Hong Kong government

The Hong Kong government announced today that it will invalidate old smart identity cards issued before November 26, 2018, in two phases starting next year.

The old ID cards will become invalid in two phases: holders born in 1970 or after will see their cards become invalid on May 12, 2025, while those born in 1969 or before will see their cards become invalid on October 12, 2025.

The government will publish the Registration of Persons (Invalidation of Identity Cards) Order 2024 in the Gazette on June 21 and table it at the Legislative Council for negative vetting on June 26.

The invalidation order will affect all Hong Kong residents, including permanent and non-permanent residents, as well as residents of residential care homes who are eligible for the on-site identity card replacement service.

Residents who still hold old ID cards are advised to make appointments for replacement as soon as possible. Those who are unable to replace their ID cards during the specified call-up periods due to being absent from Hong Kong should replace their ID cards within 30 days of their return to Hong Kong.

Failure to apply for a new ID card within the specified call-up periods without a reasonable excuse is an offense, punishable by a fine of $5,000.

The government has set up various channels for residents to apply for replacement of new ID cards, including the Registration of Persons (ROP) – Kwun Tong (Temporary) Office and four designated ROP offices. Residents can also apply online or through the ImmD mobile application.

For more information, residents can visit the ImmD website or contact the ImmD by phone, fax, or email.

The invalidation of old ID cards will not affect the right of abode in Hong Kong of the holders of old ID cards unless they have lost permanent resident status under the Immigration Ordinance.

The government has also set up a special arrangement for the aged, the blind or the infirm who satisfy a registration officer that their personal attendance for registration of Hong Kong ID cards will injure their health or the health of others. These individuals can apply for a Certificate of Exemption instead of applying for a new ID card.

Note: Old form of smart identity cards refer to smart identity cards issued between June 23, 2003 and November 25, 2018, or issued on or after November 26, 2018 as a result of an application made before that date.