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Hong Kong Police Arrest Three in Counterfeiting Sting

Ploce photo counterfeit money
Police photo

In a major crackdown on financial fraud, the West Kowloon police have arrested three men for their alleged involvement in a sophisticated counterfeit currency operation. Authorities believe they have successfully prevented these fake banknotes from entering circulation and impacting the local economy.

According to police, the investigation began with intelligence analysis that led them to a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel on Tuesday night. There, they intercepted two local men, aged 37 and 43, and discovered a staggering 4,577 counterfeit HK$1,000 notes in one of the suspect’s luggage.

“This was a significant haul that could have had serious consequences if these bills had made it into the market,” said a police spokesperson. “Our team worked diligently to shut down this operation before it could cause any real damage.”

The two men were promptly arrested on charges of possessing counterfeit currency.

In a related incident on Wednesday afternoon, police also apprehended a 43-year-old man in Mong Kok. This suspect allegedly used fake HK$100 and HK$500 notes to pay for three taxi rides in the district.

All three individuals are currently in custody as the investigation continues. Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of additional arrests as they work to uncover the full scope of this counterfeiting scheme.

“Maintaining the integrity of our financial system is of the utmost importance,” the police spokesperson added. “We will continue to vigilantly pursue those who seek to undermine it through criminal means.”