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Hong Kong Crackdown Arrested 18 People In Anti-Illegal Workers Operation

ImmD and Police Force arrested 18 persons in anti-illegal workers operation

HONG KONG — Over three recent days, authorities have arrested 18 people in operations targeting illegal immigration and employment across Hong Kong, according to officials.

Between Oct. 24 and 26, the Immigration Department and police conducted raids on over 60 locations including factories, shops and residences. Ten suspected undocumented workers were taken into custody along with five alleged employers.

An additional five overstaying visitors and three illegal immigrants were also apprehended. They ranged from 32 to 64 years of age. One woman detained was found to have violated terms of a previous recognizance barring employment.

The sweeps were aimed at stamping out practices that contravene Hong Kong’s immigration code, which prohibits illegal immigrants, deportees and visa overstayers from taking paid or unpaid jobs in the city.

Violators risk penalties including hefty fines and imprisonment of up to three years under relevant statutes. Officials used the crackdown to deliver a stern warning that authorities will enforce laws governing proper entry and residency.

With pressures from economic challenges and strict pandemic border controls, the drive underscored Hong Kong’s commitment to regulating migrant labor and residents for stability.