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Free Dental Checks Offered to 100,000 During Oral Health Week

Free Dental Checks Offered to 100,000 During Oral Health Week v2

In a bid to combat the growing prevalence of gum disease among Hong Kong’s adult population, the Hong Kong Dental Association is offering free dental checks to 100,000 people during Oral Health Week, which runs from May 9 to 14.

The initiative, which aims to promote regular oral examinations and good daily oral care habits, comes as the association’s president, Spencer Chan Chiu-yee, sounded the alarm on the rising incidence of gum disease among young people in the territory.

“Sixty percent of Hong Kong adults experience symptoms of gum disease, which can have serious consequences for overall health if left unchecked,” Chan warned. “We urge citizens to take their oral health seriously and get their teeth checked regularly.”

Research has shown that periodontal disease can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stomach cancer, and other health problems. Chan emphasized the importance of regular oral examinations and teeth cleaning every six to 12 months to prevent these complications.

During Oral Health Week, participating dentists and clinics will provide free oral examinations, and, if necessary, a one-time X-ray. While the event will not offer additional free dental services, patients will receive an examination report outlining their individual needs and recommended treatment.

The manpower shortage in Hong Kong’s public dental services, which has led to lengthy queues and reduced quotas, is expected to ease in the next three years, according to Chan. The government has taken steps to address the issue, and the influx of new dental graduates is expected to alleviate the shortage.

The Audit Commission’s recent report highlighted the severity of the problem, revealing that dental patients have been forced to wait up to seven hours for government dental services. The quota for these services has been slashed in half since the pandemic, despite high demand.

Chan expressed optimism that the situation would improve as the economy recovers and private market development in dentistry expands. In the meantime, the Hong Kong Dental Association’s free dental check initiative is a welcome step towards promoting oral health awareness and encouraging citizens to take control of their dental care.

Those interested in taking advantage of the free dental checks can inquire and make an appointment with participating dentists or clinics displaying the Oral Health Week poster.