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First High-Speed Sleeper Train from Shanghai to Hong Kong Arrives to Positive Reception

First High-Speed Sleeper Train from Shanghai to Hong Kong Arrives

The inaugural high-speed rail sleeper train from Shanghai Hongqiao Station arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday morning, marking a new era in travel between the bustling metropolises. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, greeted passengers at the station, distributing souvenirs to commemorate the historic journey.

Yeung highlighted the positive feedback from passengers, who praised the convenience and comfort of the sleeper train. “The sleeper trains help passengers better manage their time and contribute significantly to the development of Hong Kong’s tourism industry,” he noted. Yeung also indicated that future considerations might include increasing the frequency of trains based on demand and feedback, in collaboration with international trading partners and the mainland government.

Passengers expressed their satisfaction with the service, mentioning the provision of toiletry bags and facial cleansing products, which enhanced their travel experience. Many mainland residents living in Hong Kong appreciated the train’s schedule, which departs in the evening and arrives in the morning, making it ideal for business trips. “You arrive refreshed and ready for the day,” one passenger said, emphasizing the convenience.

The onboard comfort was another highlight, with passengers noting that the beds were conducive to a good night’s sleep, undisturbed by other passengers’ movements.

MTR Chief Executive Jacob Kam Chak-pui lauded the new service for offering travelers an additional option and attracting more mainland tourists to Hong Kong. “The high-speed rail sleeper train strengthens the connection between Hong Kong and the mainland, providing a boost to the tourism sector,” Kam stated. He assured that the MTR would fully cooperate to enhance Hong Kong’s hospitality and leverage this new service to its full potential.

As the high-speed sleeper train makes its debut, it stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of travel and tourism in the region, promising greater connectivity and convenience for travelers.