Home Culture Comelec Urges Filipinos Abroad to Register as Voters for 2025 Midterm Polls

Comelec Urges Filipinos Abroad to Register as Voters for 2025 Midterm Polls

Comelec Urges Filipinos Abroad to Register as Voters for 2025 Midterm Polls

MANILA – With 182 days remaining until the 2025 midterm polls, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is fervently working towards its goal of enlisting two million new voters. In a recent announcement, the Comelec once again called upon Filipinos residing or working abroad to actively participate in the ongoing voter registration, which is set to conclude on September 30.

Filipinos who are either employed or permanently living in foreign countries, as well as those who will be overseas during the upcoming national polls, are eligible to register. In order to complete the registration process, applicants must present a valid Philippine passport at the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate General or at designated Registration Centers within the Philippines.

Apart from voter registration, the Comelec is also accepting other election-related concerns. In a social media post, the commission stated, “They can register to vote in the 2025 National and Local Elections, update address and other details, check and reactivate voter registration status.”

Overseas voting for the 2025 elections will take place from April 12 to May 12. Currently, there are approximately one million registered voters abroad, according to the Comelec.

The call for overseas Filipinos to participate in the electoral process is crucial, as their votes can significantly impact the outcomes of the elections. The Comelec recognizes the importance of including the voices of Filipinos living abroad and is committed to ensuring their active participation in shaping the future of the nation.

The two million new voters targeted by the Comelec will contribute to a more robust and representative electoral system, allowing for a wider range of perspectives and opinions to be heard. In a democratic society like the Philippines, it is vital that all eligible citizens exercise their right to vote and have a say in the country’s governance.

The Comelec’s efforts to encourage voter registration among overseas Filipinos reflect its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. By providing various avenues for registration, including embassies, consulates, and designated centers, the commission aims to make the process as convenient as possible for potential voters.

As the clock ticks down towards the 2025 midterm polls, the Comelec remains dedicated to its mission of fostering a vibrant and participatory democracy. With 182 days left, the commission urges Filipinos abroad to seize this opportunity and play an active role in shaping the future of the nation through their votes.

Other relevant information are available at https://comelec.gov.ph/?r=OverseasVoting.