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Apple Eyes Partnerships with Meta and Others to Bolster AI Offerings, WSJ reports


In a strategic move to enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities, Apple Inc. is reportedly in talks with Meta Platforms and other AI companies to integrate their technologies into its newly announced AI system for iPhones, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Sunday.

The Cupertino-based tech giant, which recently unveiled its AI strategy, is exploring partnerships that could potentially reshape the landscape of mobile AI applications. This development comes as Apple seeks to differentiate itself in the increasingly competitive AI market while maintaining its commitment to user privacy.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that discussions between Apple and Meta, Facebook’s parent company, have centered around incorporating Meta’s generative AI model into Apple’s forthcoming AI system. This collaboration, if finalized, could bring advanced AI features to millions of iPhone users worldwide.

Apple’s outreach extends beyond Meta, with reports suggesting ongoing talks with AI startup Anthropic to bring its generative AI capabilities to the Apple Intelligence platform. Additionally, AI search startup Perplexity is also said to be in discussions with Apple, according to a source who spoke to Reuters.

The iPhone maker’s multi-pronged approach to AI partnerships aligns with its plans to integrate AI technologies from various companies into its devices. This strategy could help Apple offer a diverse range of AI features while potentially mitigating reliance on any single provider.

Notably, Apple is also exploring partnerships with AI companies in regions where certain AI services face restrictions, such as China, where OpenAI’s ChatGPT is currently banned. This move could help Apple maintain a competitive edge in key markets while navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

While the financial implications of these potential partnerships remain unclear, sources suggest that the deals could involve AI companies selling premium subscriptions to their services through Apple Intelligence. This model could create new revenue streams for both Apple and its AI partners.

Apple’s recent announcement of its AI strategy emphasized the integration of Apple Intelligence technology across its suite of apps, including Siri, and the introduction of ChatGPT to its devices. The company has stressed that privacy will remain “at the core” of its AI features, distinguishing its approach from competitors like Microsoft and Google.

As discussions continue, it’s important to note that these potential partnerships are not yet finalized and could be subject to change. Neither Meta nor Anthropic have commented on the reports, while Apple has not responded to requests for comment outside of business hours.

The outcome of these talks could significantly impact the future of AI on mobile devices and potentially reshape the competitive landscape in the tech industry. As Apple moves forward with its AI strategy, the tech world will be watching closely to see how these partnerships unfold and what new capabilities they might bring to consumers.